Conductor Laureate in Perpetuity

Albert Ligotti

After 34 years as Founder and Conductor of the Athens Symphony, Albert Ligotti retired as Conductor in the Fall of 2012. The Board of Directors immediately bestowed the title Conductor Laureate in Perpetuity on Mr. Ligotti.

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Brad Maffett

Brad Maffett (M.M.Ed.) was named Conductor at the start of the Athens Symphony’s 45th season. Mr. Maffett served as Assistant Conductor beginning in 2012, as Associate Conductor since 2017, and is in his 11th year as Principal Trombonist. Previously, Mr. Maffett performed with the Athens Symphony Chorus and continues to serve as a rehearsal assistant for the Chorus.

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Conductor, retired

Susan Dinwiddie

Susan Dinwiddie (M.M.Ed.) served 10 years as Conductor of the Athens Symphony, having served first as Assistant and then Associate Conductor from May, 1997, to September, 2012. She began her association with the Athens Symphony playing clarinet and double bass in 1980.

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